Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Lytheria Trick or Treat

Sunday the 28th was City of Milwaukee Trick or Treat, and, as usual, we were assisting Lee Schneider and the Lytheria crew for their presentation. For those who may be new to this concept, "Lytheria" is Lee's large Steamboat Gothic house on Milwaukee's near-lake East Side, which he runs as a communal rooming house. Each year, the voluminous porch is decorated with a "set" in which we make the beggars interact for their candy. (Worth it, since the house chips together and gives out full-size candy bars--.) This year, the theme was "Narnia." The porch was largely enclosed with panels that had a winter pine forest theme from the outside. Down on the sidewalk, Mike Davis was playing Mr. Tumnus, aided by Neil Haas and Joleen Stiles as assistant fauns. Lee and Steve Hanchar as Palace Guards did crowd control. The porch was divided ito two halves: The White Witch's Palace to the left, and the Beaver Dam to the right. Visitors were chivvied into the presence of Queen Jadis by her evil dwarf assistant, Ginarrbrik. (Me. Yes, I know I'm not a dwarf. However, I spend most of the afternoon crouching on a low stool at the foot of Jadis' elevated thone, so the illusion kind of worked.) Georgie, as the White Witch, was regal in her flowing white gown, fur wrap, pale makeup, snarly blonde wig, and icicle crown. She was backed up by Tim Haas as "General Otmin," her minotaur henchman. Tim's was THE costume of the day, made up of a full black fur bodysuit and armor made by Char Haas, and a truly impressive bull headpiece made by our prostetics expert, Mike Davis. He wielded an ominous axe and was definitely the most scary figure in the group.

Georgie/Jadis would greet the newcomers and offer them the opportunity to join her realm of eternal ice. ("Milwaukee in January forever! Wouldn't that be nice?") Most sensibly declined, at which time we turned them off, and sent them over to see what the Beavers had to offer them. The occasional sporting ones that agreed to enlist were offered a piece of Turkish Delight and then sent on a mission to despoil the Beavers of their chocolate hoard.

The right side of the porch was the "Beaver Dam," actually a puppet stage. Todd Voros and Julie Ann Hunter interacted with the kids using beaver hand puppets, congratulated the people on their escape from the wicked queen, and furnished them with chocolate for their journey. Exit from the porch was through the "Wardrobe," complete with hanging coats, down the side stairs. A large stuffed lion could be seen lurking in the bushes--.

A good time was had by all and our candy bar count indicated we had processed as many as one THOUSAND trick-or-treaters in three hours. I can believe it, since we were going steadily with people waiting for us to open, and continuing until twenty minutes after the four PM end time.
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