Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

New "Trek' Cast

AP reports that "Chris Pine, who had been in talks to join the cast of J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek" flick, will play the young James Kirk, while Karl Urban will take on the role of Dr. Leonard McCoy, distributor Paramount confirmed Thursday."
The article goes on to say: "They join previously announced cast members Zachary Quinto as Vulcan scientist Spock, Simon Pegg as engineer Scotty, John Cho as helmsman Sulu, Zoe Saldana as communications officer Uhura and Anton Yelchin as navigator Chekov.

"Leonard Nimoy, who played Enterprise science officer Spock in the 1960s TV series and six "Star Trek" feature films, also will appear as an older version of the Vulcan."

"Eric Bana, the star of Steven Spielberg's "Munich" and Ang Lee's "Hulk," is playing a villain in the "Trek" film, which begins shooting in November and is due out in December 2008."

"Abrams, creator of "Lost" and director of "Mission: Impossible III," is keeping the plot secret for the film that follows the early days of the "Star Trek" crew, which was led by William Shatner as the bold Capt. Kirk."

I don't know if this is good news or bad news. With the exception of Karl Urban, seen as "Eomer" in the "Lord of the Rings" films, I'm not familiar with the work of any of these actors. They pretty much LOOK ok, although isn't Urban a bit, well, "studly" to play even a young McCoy?

The director is a mixed bag: "Lost" evidently has some original points, but "Mission Impossible III" is a definite down-check. So is the statement that Leonard Nimoy is playing "an older version of the Vulcan." Not that I mind Nimoy working, but this pretty much means that the supposed secret plot will be yet another time travel variation--yawn. I hated what they did with the continuity in "Star Trek: First Contact," and this is yet another opportunity to screw things up.
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