Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

"Rehersal for Murder," West Allis Players

"Rehearsal for Murder" opened last weekend, and played to the small but enthusiastic houses we tend to get for straight plays. (Musicals do draw somewhat better--.) West Allis is the local theatre company I've been working with since I came to Milwaukee with a few exceptions, and I'm woking in this show with a director, stage manager and some cast members I've worked with before, so I have a good comfort level here.

"Rehearsal" was adapted for the stage from a made-for-TV movie that won an Edgar award in 1983, and starred Robert Preston and Lynn Redgrave. The plot revolves around the death of an actress ("Monica Wells") who is found dead on the pavement below her apartment balcony, the night after her first Broadway play opened to mixed reviews. The morning after she was to have been married to the playwrite ("Alex Dennison") who cannot accept that she killed herself, and puts himself on the track of her killer. The plot is a very clever one, and I'm surprised I haven't run accross it or a variation before.

The West Allis Players do a very good job of it, if I do say so, and I think veteran member David Jirik as Alex, and Sharon Nieman-Koebert (who is new to West allis but cutting a wide swath through local theatre groups)as Monica are both very good in the starring roles, and are well supported by the cast of likely suspects, among which I number.

And no, I'm not telling "who done it." The play repeats this Friday and Saturday, October 12th and 13th, 7:30PM, West Allis Central High School.
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