Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Fireworks, 07-18-03

If you like fireworks, Milwaukee is a great town to be in in the summer. Not only are there at least two and sometimes three days of fireworks for the Fourth of July, there is a major fireworks display for the start of Summerfest, fireworks every night of the State Fair, and many of the ethnic festivals have them as well. The best of these is Festa Italiana, which goes on the third weekend of July. The first couple of years of the Festa, they imported fireworks from Venice, some of which were so concussively loud they blew windows out of the nearby office buildings. In latter years, they have stuck with Bartolotta, our local (but still Italian) fireworks maker. Bartolotta makes a special effort to provide its most beautiful and intricate effects for this show, and this year's effort was easily the most beautiful fireworks display we have ever seen. The fifteen minute show expended shells at a constant rate more usually seen in lesser shows finales, with a minimum of two effects aloft at any given time for the majority of the display, and frequently more. This show had the greatest variety and subtlety of color, and intricacy of shapes and effects we've ever seen. It was truly beautiful. The actual finale was a spectacular excess. Not only did it include the usual "rolling thunder" barrage of salutes, but the overlapping air bursts of color were so intense as to be near blinding. Magnificent! This continues to be the only show we actually go all the way down to the lakefront to see, and continues to be well worth it.
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