Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Bristol Renaissance Faire

As another (mostly) annual event, we took advantage of the good weather to drive down to the Bristol Renaissance Faire on Sunday the 22nd. This is the twentieth anniversary of the Faire under the Bristol name, and the year’s theme is a “Feast of Fooles”, so I wore the black and white Harlequin outfit Tracy Benton had made for me for a WisCon Mardi Gras party, and Georgie wore her multi-colored Moresca “gypsy” outfit. We spent a good four plus hours walking around the fair, chatting with our friends “Lord and Lady Howard” (Bob and Sheila Horne), dropping in on Felix Needleworthy, catching bits of various performers shows, and ogling lots of lovely merchandise. We were a bit bummed to see that Moresca had given up their shop, and that there was a “retirement” notice posted at Bald Mountain Moccasins, but life goes on. I have to admire the stamina of the people who can arrive at opening time and stay for after-hours revels--. Among the performers, notable was the “Barely Balanced” group, who did a few things I have not seen even Chinese acrobats do, and one of the itinerant entertainers who did musical whip-cracking at phenomenal speed. Fun! One vendor had a suit of armor allegedly made of Komodo Dragon hide, which looked truly cool.
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