Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Cream City Chorus, "In Our Own Words"

The Cream City Chorus continues to put together innovative themed shows. The final presentation of their 20th Anniversary season was 'composed' entirely of songs written and arranged by the chorus members themselves, which showed us a broad spectrum of creative talent. Since we've known many of the Chorus members almost twenty years ourselves, it was great fun for us to see many of our friends' songs get the full production treatment. The chorus worked with a very tight rehersal schedule,which made the accomplishment all the more remarkable, since not only did they do a fine job of delivering new music, but did some fairly intricate staging, and took the bold step of wearing masks which, even though they were small domino type, can still restrict vision, etc. a bit, and just make you feel funny--. The whole performance was very enjoyable, including the rather rackety framing storyline. We particulary enjoyed "History" and "The Calling", chants by Megan Schaefer set to music by Peter Ringo and arranged by Kristen L. Weber; "Ayudita," a lively song by Chuck Ellingson; "Bright Magic," "Graveyard in the Sky," and "Crystal Blue Waters" by Carol Ferraro; "Illusion of the Heart," by Barisha Letterman; and "Jericho" and "Gloria to a Thousand Names" (tune by Mozart) by Emory Churness.

This concert was performed at the Off-Broadway Theatre, which was a new venue for the group. The acoustics were not ideal, but the group managed to fill the smallish space with sound, and sightlines were very good.
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